Treasures of the Baroque

Costume Lectures

The late Sixteenth through the early Eighteenth Centuries were a time of exploration, colonization and revolution. In this program, we look at the European court life that stimulated these fervent times. By seeing the opulence of the aristocracy we can get a better understanding of what people were revolting against, but we can also see the beauty that was created during this era. Under the influence of King Louis XIV of France, dance reached a high plateau - both artistically and technically. Control, serenity, harmony, grandeur, elegance and symmetry were among the lessons the king expected his dancing masters to impart to his court. It is during this period that we might see the beginnings of classical ballet.

Now imagine being transported in time to a ball attended by George Washington. See the Minuet performed and danced in sumptuous clothing. Hear the beautiful strains of baroque music. Come away with a new understanding and appreciation for the cultural treasures of the period.

 “I was entranced by the entire performance… I have a tremendous respect for the amount of thought, planning, and dedicated preparation and practice that went in to such an interesting and thoroughly professional evening. The historical content was fascinating… The costumes and music were splendid – but obviously the main thing was the dancing, which was superb.”
Robert Hahn, President – Johnson State College


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