The Many Faces of Dance


Dance is one of the oldest of the arts and during the passage of time, many different styles of movement have evolved. We invite you to enjoy these Terpsichorean splendors with us as we explore a variety of genres. Our sampling includes ballet, jazz, tap, modern, folk, social and historical dance. You will get to see how different cultures influence folk and social dances and participate in creating a dance right on the spot. You’ll tap your feet to the pulsating rhythms of hip-hop and we’ll beat our feet as we dig into tap dance. You will get a taste of how dance has changed over the years by looking at the dances of several eras. We would like to share with you our enthusiasm for all forms of dance. We’ve found that our love for dance is contagious.

“I have to say, we were blown away by their extraordinary costumes, the superb quality of their performance, (under less that ideal conditions in both settings), and the diversity of their program. They really did give us a sampling of different dances throughout history.”
Onion River Arts Council


The Vermont Dance Collective
Dance Department - Johnson State College
337 College Hill
Johnson, Vermont (VT) 05656
(802) 635-1318

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