Historical Feets – Dancing in America

School Residency Culminating is a Performance

We work with your students on dances from America’s history. The residency culminates in a performance for parents and peers by the Vermont Dance Collective who will be joined by your students. Beginning with Native American poetry and creation stories, we progress through dance from the time of Christopher Columbus, and the later explorers, through colonial and revolutionary times and onward, stopping at the Civil War, and the Roaring Twenties to the 1950’s and today’s hot hip-hop jazz.

“Young students at Berlin Elementary School were actively involved in learning the history of dance with the state’s own Vermont Dance Collective. The professional members of the Johnson (State College) based collective spent the morning teaching dances that culminated in an afternoon performance. Dances from the renaissance to today’s jazz, were performed alternately by the able professionals and by the pros joined by the students before a captivated audience of peers and teachers.”
Times Argus


The Vermont Dance Collective
Dance Department - Johnson State College
337 College Hill
Johnson, Vermont (VT) 05656
(802) 635-1318

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