The Renaissance Spirit

Costume Lectures

Take a journey backward in time to the age of kings and castles in our survey of Renaissance life as seen through the dances of the 15th, 16th and early 17th centuries. Sumptuous costumes, taped or live music (using authentic instruments), and actual dances (reconstructed from instructional manuals of the period) recreate the style and courtly life of The Renaissance before your eyes and illustrate the importance of dance to that time. Learn about corsets and farthingales, poulaines (incredibly long pointed shoes of the late medieval and early renaissance period) and chopines (the platform shoes of the high renaissance). History will never seem the same again.

“I want to thank you again for a lovely performance. All of you danced beautifully and we’ve had many very positive comments on the evening… we all felt we got a real artistic boost! My complements to you on the quality, also, of your costumes – they are fresh and lovely and varied and added so much to the visual pleasure of the evening.”

“Several parents who brought children commented on how much they enjoyed your historical commentary between numbers. One woman in particular had brought an 8 year old son and was not sure he would “last” – but he did and enjoyed it!”
Stowe Theatre Guild


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