School Programs

Our school programs get kids moving! We help children develop a sense of history and geography, and through their creative participation, work with them to heighten self-awareness, self-esteem and cooperative group activities. Through our programs, children broaden their horizons in an exciting, supportive, and stimulating atmosphere.

We are all experienced performers and active teachers of dance and we particularly enjoy the opportunity to combine our performances with workshops and residencies. Residencies often culminate with participants performing with us for parents and/or peers. We love dance and have found that our enthusiasm is contagious.

 All of our programs are suitable for schools, and can be arranged to suit the needs of any age group.

“High degree of professionalism”
“It was wonderful for children to see what real professional dance looks like”


The Vermont Dance Collective
Dance Department - Johnson State College
337 College Hill
Johnson, Vermont (VT) 05656
(802) 635-1318

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