Diary of a Westward Journey

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Diary of a Westward Journey is a dance/drama about the American overland emigration to Oregon and California during the nineteenth century, from the perspective of women who traveled this grueling trail. Fortunately, some of these courageous women left behind a rich archive of diaries, letters, journals and reminiscences that recorded their reactions to the huge dislocations they underwent. Their personal documents have an immediacy that brings to life the hardships and joys of this arduous journey.

“Diary of a Westward Journey” is a dramatic dance choreographed to the actual words of the women who made this formidable trek. It depicts the variety of experiences encountered by those courageous travelers: their awe at the vast and glorious beauties of the western landscape; the miseries of slogging through mud, hauling wagons up huge mountains and being eaten alive by mosquitoes; the ever present realities of child birth and sudden death.

“Diary of a Westward Journey” is a touching and heartfelt work, as well as of
historical interest, a truly worthy project”
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